Exterior lighting


Set highlights and experience light to the full! 

Discover the HEITRONIC® world of exterior lighting and garden energy.
HEITRONIC® offers practical exterior lamps and sockets, versatile recessed floor spotlights, effect decorative lights, decorative fountains and attractive pond lighting.

Classical pedestal or standing lamps or modern torch and wall lights – if required with integrated motion sensors – illuminate buildings and paths effectively and create safety in the dark. The advanced technology can be incorporated into any design. HEITRONIC® therefore offers a wide selection of energy-saving LED exterior lamps, in addition to conventional lamps using standard types of bulbs.

In conjunction with imaginative planting, enchanting decorative lights create an atmospheric mood in every garden and ensure relaxing evenings. Attractive fountains and atmospheric underwater lighting complete the cosy, comfortable atmosphere of exterior areas.

Recessed floor lights can be used not only for the lighting of paths and entrances in the dark, but also for lighting specific objects. In combination with powerful garden spotlights, these can be used to set the required highlights in exterior areas.

For the seamless integration of cabling, HEITRONIC® offers useful power distributors in various designs. Sophisticated solutions such as the HEICONNECT connection system round off the HEITRONIC® range of exterior lighting. This practical connection system can be used for the individual connection of HEICONNECT lights, transformers and extension cables, all in the blink of an eye!