Light and energy.

The lighting market is undergoing rapid changes; new, innovative technology is steadily replacing conventional standard lighting methods. In addition to powerful halogen bulbs, effective energy-saving lamps and tried and tested neon tubes, HEITRONIC® also offers ultra-modern LED lighting.

Classic halogen bulbs stand out for their unusually intensive light. The HEITRONIC® ECOLINE range combines a high light yield with energy-saving technology. Heat losses are reduced by the addition of an inert gas – so that less electrical energy is required to heat the coil.

The economic alternative to conventional bulbs is energy-saving lamps. These lights provide immediate flicker-free illumination and operation. These robust properties make HEITRONIC® energy-saving lamps stand out, particularly in long-term or permanent use, ensuring powerful lighting wherever it is needed. Neon tubes also offer similar characteristics, and are particularly suitable for long-term illumination of work and basement areas.

The future belongs to modern LED lighting technology. Energy consumption and light colours of LED lighting are continually being optimised, and are entirely replacing conventional bulbs with their familiar, typical illuminating colours. LED lights also stand out with their unusually long working life of up to 40,000 hours. HEITRONIC® presents a range of LED lights in various bulb forms, mountings, light colours and intensities.